Free postcode API for websites & businesses

Please try our UK postcode address lookup. The vast majority of the time it greatly increases the speed of UK address input.

Due to abuse and high maintenance costs we have had to disable this service. Source code has been freely published below. Thank you.

Powered by tabcat - free postcode address lookup

Would you like to use this technology on your website or in your business for free?

You can. All we ask for is a link back to us to credit the use of the technology. We can arrange for the data to be presented is any form with various technologies. PHP, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, HTML, or anything. We can even give advice on integrating it for free.

Why is it free?

tabcat's UK postcode/address database is not based on the very expensive and jealously guarded Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address File) but it is still very accurate. There are some great postcode services out there that charge per search but here is a great compromise for free. By crediting us, more people will be able to access the technology.

How do I integrate it?

Please have a look at this integration example. It will even work from your desktop. It's based on jQuery and it processes JSON which our server outputs. Contact us for an API key and make sure you reference/download this loading animation.

View the FAQ or Contact Us now.

Can I have the source code?

Go on'll need to sign up for SOAP services on Yahoo! Boss and get the key from there but here's the rough code of how it works...Source code Let me know if you use it for anything interesting.


24th August 2012
tabcat launches its completely-free postcode services for businesses and websites.
  • Find an address from a postcode
  • Make it easier and quicker for customers to input their delivery and billing addresses
  • Use internally by customer services to speed up taking orders
  • It's completely free. All we ask for is to credit our technology with a visible link to our website to spread the word.
20th October 2010
tabcat can now provide results measuring distances between postcodes.